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Michael Cummins, Director and owner-managed business accounting expert

If you’re running a small owner-managed business, you’ve just found the accounting solution you’ve been looking for.

We know you’re busy, so here are 7 reasons why our clients choose us to help them through the start, growth and maturity of their businesses...



1.The accounting & Business EXPERTS For Owner-Managed Businesses, Puts More Money IN Your Pocket...

First, we’re true experts in helping small owner-managed businesses to grow and financially manage the challenges that their development or a lack of it throws up.

And when you’ve made your money, you want to keep as much of it as you can by paying as little tax as possible. Our owner-managed business solutions do that for you.

In fact, our book titled ‘Why Businesses STOP Growing & What You Can Do About It’ is regarded as one of the best self-help books for small owner-managed businesses.

2.3 Step Risk-Free Guarantee Puts Your Mind At Rest And Keeps Us On Our Toes...

All our accounting and expense saving services are backed by our 3 pronged no-risk guarantee...

  • All work is based on a fixed fee, quoted in advance. You’ll never, ever get a nasty surprise.
  • All deadlines will be met. If we are ever late, you pay us nothing and we’ll pay all fines for late filing, plus give you $100 for the inconvenience.
  • Our work will exceed your expectations every time, or you decide the fee.

3. Easy Payment Plan So You Can Spread Your Costs...

To help you manage your cash-flow, you pay us monthly.

4. Unlimited FREE Support...

You get unlimited support for FREE. That means unlimited e-mails, unlimited phone calls and unlimited meetings are all included in your low monthly fee, subject to our fair use policy (worth $2,000 a year). Never again worry about being ‘on the clock’ even for a meeting!

5. We Pay For Your Business Growth...

We are the only firm in Denver that invests $thousands of our own money to give you FREE access to arguably THE best step-by-step system for growing your owner-managed business (worth $6,000.00 a year).

This truly astonishing system comes complete with video tutorials, step-by-step guides and fill-in-the-blank templates.

Over a staggering 15 year period the system has helped to generate tens of millions of dollars for businesses all over the world.

Since getting and keeping customers is THE most important element in any successful business, we decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and invest our own money so ALL our clients get full and free access to this fabulous system.

6. Monthly Newsletter For Owner-Managed Businesses Helps You Get Even More Growth & Sales

You get one of the world’s best sales and marketing newsletter for FREE! Every month it includes 12 pages of brilliant sales-generating and marketing advice for small owner-managed businesses (worth $500.00 a year).

7. FREE Business Analysis...

And finally you get a FREE and comprehensive business analysis, which will show you all the hidden opportunities available to you, at the push of a button (potentially worth $thousands).

...and since we’re experts in helping owner-managed businesses, our work is streamlined, efficient and cost-effective. So not only do you get the best possible financial and tax saving advice – you get it all for a low monthly fee.

If any of these 7 things appeal to you, then we need to meet.

However, we don’t work with just anyone. Our 26 years in practice have taught us a valuable lesson – we only work with ambitious owners who want to build a better business.

To see if you qualify, and to find out why even our FREE initial meeting is worth several thousand dollars to you, simply watch the video above. Then to arrange your meeting, either complete the form or phone us on


Thank you.

Michael J. Cummins
Managing Director

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  • How to grow your owner-managed business
  • 3 proven but little-known and easy-to-apply strategies that right now will add hundreds (even thousands) of dollars to your business
  • Powerful solutions to your most pressing financial challenges (cash flow, cost management, profitability, etc.)
  • FREE copy of our book titled ‘Why Businesses STOP Growing & What You Can Do About It’ (worth $30.00)
  • $100.00 to your favorite charity if you don’t think the meeting is of immense value to you

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